BIC is configured for cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience, including a state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner, a full suite of auxiliary equipment, and custom AV switching and streaming, all backed up by a powerful neuroinformatics and computing infrastructure.

Please note: Instruction manuals can be found under Information for Users (Password protected)

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MRI scanner

Siemens 3T Prisma scanner with 128 channel capacity, 64/32/20 channel head coils, 80 mT/m max gradient amplitude, 200 T/m/s slew rate, full neuro sequences (e.g., SMS multiband, advanced diffusion, quiet suite, real-time).

Auxiliary equipment

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Visual stimulation: 2 x PST Hyperion projector (rear screen, bore ceiling)

Auditory stimulation: Optoacoustics OptoACTIVE communication system with noise-cancelling headphones and microphone

Avotec Silent Scan communication system

Current Designs 932 interface with 32-channel interface and the following fiber-optic response boxes:

Eye-tracking: SR Research EyeLink 1000 plus

Physiological monitoring: BIOPAC Systems EDA

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AV system

Rack-based Crestron NVX switching platform with touchscreen controls and full mapping flexibility between:

Sources: computers in rack (Windows PC, Linux PC, Mac Mini, Eye-tracking PC, Apple TV), cameras in waiting room, control room (room, desk), and scanner room (table, scanner front, scanner rear, inside bore)

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Destinations: monitors (entry, waiting room, 2 x large control room, 5 x small control room, large scanner room), projectors (rear screen, bore ceiling), streamer, and audio outputs (control room speakers, Optoacoustics headphones, Avotec headphones)

Computing infrastructure

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The Siemens computer that controls the scanner is plugged into Yale’s high-speed fiber Science network, with a direct connection to our HIPAA-aligned high-performance computing cluster, Milgram, supported by the Yale Center for Research Computing and located offsite on West Campus. Click here for more information.